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Whispering Z Farm

Welcome to Whispering Z Farm, a retreat created for those ages 25 year to 65 year. Located in the countryside of Speuld, where tranquility awaits those seeking an escape from the demands of everyday life. This retreat farm was envisioned by Gerco and Jenjer, who established BummerSheep in Ermelo in 2020. In 2023, they relocated to the countryside, undertaking renovations to fashion the perfect escape for those yearning to recharge amidst life's challenges.


The listening ear of BummerSheep is now at WZFarm. A place to go to for an afternoon to relax and recharge from life's daily stressors. Whether you find yourself dealing with burnout and needing a quiet space to rejuvenate, grappling with depression, thoughts of suicide, or contending with anxiety, social challenges and areas of addictions, BummerSheep was created with you in mind.


UniQUniKrn Design Center is a complete design area located at WZFarm, with options from creating jewelry, design your own coffee mugs, text and design on clothing, pimping up your jeans or jackets and so much more. You can come alone or have a afternoon of fun with others you like to bring with you.

JcKdUniKrn Paint Studio a space created at the WZfarm for those who seek inspiration, and connection to the fighter within yourself. Whether you're facing hardships in life, navigating troubled relationships, or simply feeling weary in this upside-down world. Come create something beautiful from your struggle, something that you can look at everyday, reminding yourself to keep fighting!

WZFarm Garden area is all ready to start planting this year. If you're into gardening or just like chilling outdoors, you're going to dig this. We're all about that laid-back,
relaxing vibe. If you could use a break from the daily grind, swing by, kick back, and spend an afternoon surrounded by nature. Leave your worries at the gate and soak in the good vibes.


WhisperingO B&B A lovely American Country Style B&B created for those wanting to escape to the country for a few days. Our B&B located at WZFarm has convenient walking trails just outside our door, providing a simple and effective way to relax. Start and end your walk right here from the farm. We understand the importance of finding moments to breathe and recharge from daily stressors, and our walking & biking trails are designed to offer just that.

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