Services & Programs

At BummerSheep we offer a variety of programs and activities.

You can request 'one on one' coaching or maybe you prefer to be in a group setting. We have online personalized programs and offer various  style activities.

Want to know more? Come to our next 'Meet & Greet' gathering and find our about our programs and upcoming events.

Coffee With Me... UniQ-Support Coach

UniQ-Support is created from a group of others that have gone through and understand your struggles.


UniQ-Support Coaches are people wanting to help you find the balance you are looking for you in your life. Coffee and talk time with the comfort of being in an area that feels cozy and safe.

Together is always better.

Tuesday thru Thursday you can book for:
* More information over #BummerSheep

* One on One talk time over coffee.

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

2 Week - Pattern & Thought Challenge

You are NOT alone! It may feel that way now, but once you find others that are going through similar things, you create a bond, and then you are no longer walking your path alone. We are not meant to go through life alone and honestly, it's simply not possible. We all need someone we can turn to. That's why we created our 'Life Groups'

*Available for all age groups.

Crafts ~ Art & UniQ-Activities

We have fun fun fun in crafts and paint. Sometimes we also do wood work activities or maybe a nature walk and collect event. There's really no telling what we end up doing, but one thing is for sure, we will have a good time!

No experience is needed for any of our crafts or activities. We just have fun and enjoy each other and really, isn't that the whole point? Life is serious enough!
Come visit us and find out more about our upcoming events.

What does a REAL Christian look like?

On Tuesdays, we watch various Christian programs after we have questions and talk time. #BummerSheep has dedicated Tuesday afternoons to know more about God - Jesus and what it means to be a REAL Christian. You may be surprised at the answer!

If you have been searching, have questions, or just want to know more.
Are you struggling with depression, anger, self-harm, shame, regret, sadness, disappointment, burnout, stress ...


Then #BummerSheep on Tuesday with Jenjer is where you need to be!

Online Challenge Programs

Our programs are open to anyone.

We offering various style personal growth programs

2 Week - Pattern Challenge

Hows your daily pattern? Well, if you you feel like you are busy all day every day but don't feel like you ever get anything done or that your life is always hectic and you feel like you are about to snap from all the stress you are feeling? We help create a personalized 2-week challenge specifically for you. Many times we don't even know that we are in a stuck pattern. It's easy to get over busy in life, our 2-week pattern challenge helps you find the way to reset your daily pattern.

A habit that becomes a pattern is long as...
it was a good habit to have started with in the first place.

2 Week - Thought Challenge

Do you feel the negative thoughts becoming more and more? Find yourself looking for possible problems or trying to look ahead and find where the problem may come up at? Are you a suspicious type of person because of the pain and hurt in your past? Many times it's coming from underlying issues that we may or may not know of. In our unique online challenge, we help you figure out how to reset your thoughts and to control what you think about in the day.

The only thoughts that have control over you

are the ones that you keep giving energy to.