Services & Programs

At BummerSheep we offer a variety of programs and activities.

You can request 'one on one' coaching or maybe you prefer to be in a group setting. We have online personalized programs and offer various  style activities.

Want to know more? Come by and find out more about our programs and upcoming events.

Coffee With Me...
Come & meet the BummerSheep Crew


Coffee with Me... is set up for a convenient way to come meet us to hear more about BummerSheep and what we do.

If possible, please book online for us. This is to ensure we can give our full attention to you, and not have to step away for other commitments.

Walk-Ins are always welcome for a tour of #BummerSheep and to collect any information brochures.




UniQ-Support is a group of caring people wanting to help you find the balance you are looking for in your life. Feel lost in a broken system? Ya, we understand that.

UniQ-Support mentors are a selected group of people at #BummerSheep that have all personally gone through hard situations in life and are truly able to understand your struggles.

You can come alone or with a friend. Meet the crew and hear more about them, then you decide if it is something for you.

Crafts ~ Art & UniQ-Activities

We have fun fun fun in crafts and paint. Sometimes we also do wood work activities or maybe a nature walk and collect event. There's really no telling what we end up doing, but one thing is for sure, we will have a good time!

No experience is needed for any of our crafts or activities. We just have fun and enjoy each other and really, isn't that the whole point? Life is serious enough!
Come visit us and find out more about our upcoming events.