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Design & Create Center

Welcome to #UniQUniKrn Design and Create Center, where creativity knows no bounds! At #UniQUniKrn, we're not just a design hub; we're an immersive experience dedicated to bringing your imagination to life. Step into a world where every creation is as unique as you are.

At the heart of #UniQUniKrn, we specialize in crafting exceptional designs for everyday items that reflect your individuality. From unique coffee mug designs to stylish shopping bags, personalized cup coasters, and self-made stickers, we're here to turn your ideas into tangible, artful expressions.

But UniQUniKrn is more than just a design destination; it's a haven for inspiration. As you explore your creative potential, we offer complimentary coffee and tea, accompanied by small bites during your stay.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or new to designs, at #UniQUniKrn, you can immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities.

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