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Meet & Greet Night (Asperger, Autism & Social Anxiety Disorder ) *AGES: 20yr and up

Event Date: Saturday February 17th Time: 7pm - 10pm Drinks and food bites provided Meet and Greet Night with Music and Games Cost: This event is FREE of cost You must register for event so we know how many people to provide for. Click here to register

Welcome, kindred spirits, to a sanctuary crafted for those who navigate the world with Asperger, Autism, or carry the weight of social anxiety disorder. In this space, we celebrate the unique beauty that each of you brings, recognizing the challenges of standing out in a world that may not always seem to fit.

This is more than a gathering; it's a haven where you can join others who understand the intricacies of asperger, autistim, or dealing with social anxiety. Here, you are not alone; this is a community where differences are not only acknowledged but being UniQ is celebrated.

Are you trying to fit into this seemingly upside-down world? We are here to help you not only be okay with not fitting in but to find joy in standing out. In this space, care and understanding are readily available, creating an environment where you can connect with others who share similar experiences.

This is a safe haven—a refuge from the noise and chaos, a place where your unique perspectives are valued. No need to conform; here, you're encouraged to embrace your authenticity fully. Let's journey together towards self-discovery and self-acceptance.

So, if you've ever felt like you're dancing to a different rhythm, know that you're not alone. Welcome to a space where your uniqueness is not just accepted but cherished—a place where you can be yourself unapologetically and find joy in standing out.

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