You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth By: Drew Kelly

I had the honor of chatting via twitter with Drew, (@Baby_In_Heaven) as he kindly complimented me on my designs, he mentioned his book and offered to send it to me as a gift.  His book is just as the title reads, A man’s perspective of stillbirth.

I downloaded the book and my first mistake was starting my read while getting my hair colored, as you know this takes us ladies a couple hours, so I thought it would be a good time to dive into his book….bad plan, my heart was pulled in every emotional direction within 20 minutes. I felt the lump in my throat and the cry in my heart for their story.

I must say, I had to force myself to stop, as the tears were quickly gaining ground. I went home and in place of rushing to get my daily things done, I sat down instead and continued reading… As of today (when I posted this) I have made it to about 55% of the book and have found I must take it in stages. It’s a wonderful book, but very heavy indeed.

Drew and his lovely wife have done an amazing job on this book. I simply love it, not the story or the issue, but the sharing and the support they give by opening up their very private issue to help those who have gone through this.

I would recommend this book in a NY second!

You can get the kindle edition or paperback here on amazon: You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth by: Drew Kelly

Thank you Drew & your lovely Wife for sharing your story!!

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