De Stentor over BummerSheep - Article written by: Alice van Eijk

WOW is all I can say! I had to nicest conversation at #BummerSheep with ALice van Eijk from De Stentor. She was so kind and easy to talk with. The subject I'm bringing over is a heavy one and not for the faint of heart, but the ones it touches, the people that react with...Oh you do understand. That is what makes it worth it to be so open in public.

Alice listened and asked very direct and interesting questions, she created a stunning article and I just could not be more thankful for the ad space they gave for me. Then I went to the website article, wow again! De Stentor gave us such a great place on their website. SEE ARTICLE HERE

Pictures were done by: Ruben Schipper. Thank you so much Ruben, not many people can get me to smile much less laugh like that for picture. I think they are amazing and I really appreciate you taking the time with us.

For my USA/UK & Aussie Friends...Here is the article in English....Work with's google translate ;-P

American Jenjer on a mission in Ermelo: listening ear in the country garage Jenjer Overweg from Harderwijk knows what it is like when your life is a mess and you can no longer see a way out, she experienced it herself. Now the American is in Ermelo trying to be there for others and to offer them a safe place. A lost sheep. Jenjer Overweg (49) knows exactly what it feels like not to belong, to have the feeling that you are on your own and that you don't matter. "In America we call it a" bummersheep ", I was such a lost sheep. Now I want to be there for other people. By opening our hearts and homes. This is how BummerSheep was created. "" Loving place

De Harderwijkse wants a safe place for people who no longer even like it or feel lonely. She started her walk-in house at home, in the garage, but moved to the Stationsstraat in Ermelo last year. “We have the space at this place, yet there is a feeling of home. It has become a large but cozy American-style country garage. A safe and loving place where there is always a listening ear, "she explains at a large dining table. Life can be a huge mess, but everything can be repaired and you don't have to do it alone "

Jenjer Overweg (49), Founder of BummerSheep There is a lot of demand for such a place, says Jenjer Overweg. “There is a lot of loneliness, especially now during the pandemic. We try to be as good as possible to the people, of course observing all the corona rules. But it is so important to step over the threshold and seek help. We don't ask for anything, we don't expect anything. People can throw anything on the table. They can come here if they feel like they've walked a lot. Life can be a huge mess, but everything is fixable. Together we can find another way, you don't have to do it alone. "" Sexually abused Jenjer has no degrees or fancy letters after her name but knows what she is talking about. She stood alone as a child in Oklahoma, USA. “I was four years old when I was adopted. Until I was twelve I was sexually abused by my grandfather, among others. I did not dare to tell anyone about it. I have not seen or heard myself. I was fourteen, fifteen years old and I was alone and walked away. Then too I started to experiment with drugs and alcohol. At 23, I was completely devastated, I wanted to die, and was almost successful with an overdose. ""

The famous quote "What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas" does not apply to us " The American TV minister Joyce Meyer strengthens Jenje's faith. Meyer became an example and Jenjer back in 1995 and helped to regain her self-esteem through Meyer's own trial and error. When she finds a home of her own in Oklahoma City, she takes in people from the street to make them feel at home. During a holiday in Las Vegas back in 2003, she meets her now husband Gerco Overweg from Harderwijk, now more than seventeen years ago. “It was love at first sight, we fell in love with each other. The famous quote "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" does not apply to us, "she laughs. “Not much later we got married and moved to Harderwijk. "" Bench at the Gamma The 22-year-old Thanischa now also lives with Jenjer and Gerco Overweg. “We saw her on the bench at the Gamma three years ago. Totally lost, all hope given up. I was behind the wheel and Gerco said to me: she is also a bummer shovel. We turned around in the car and asked her what was wrong. We had to help her. I saw myself in Thanischa. "" They offered their homes and hearts to the vulnerable girl. It helped, says Thanischa. “Their love and warmth had more healing effect than treatment plans and a laundry list of medications. I don't take anything at all anymore, I am much better. "" About BummerSheep BummerSheep is a meeting place in Ermelo for people between the ages of nine and ninety. The building used to be a printing shop, but it has been converted into an American-style garage. From Monday to Thursday there is a free walk-in every afternoon for those who want to share their story. But you can also go there for a game of table tennis, shuffleboard or to make jewelry. In the morning there is room for daytime activities. Jenjer and Gerco Overweg's walk-in house is located at 107B Stationsstraat, in the middle of the village.