What makes you different from other places?

I think it is because BummerSheep is actually a place within a place. It’s a place where you can shop our jewelry and clothing collection, a place you can play pool or darts, it’s a place to come have coffee with a friend in our lounge area, and it’s a place you can come to do fun group activities.

It’s also something much more....

While many of us face emotional issues within our own lives, it’s hard to take that step and talk to someone.

It’s hard to say, oh by the way I’m depressed. It’s not easy to open up and take a step to trust someone and say that your marriage, job our relationship is in trouble.

I believe there are many people searching for that very thing, a place that hears you and someone understands your pain. People are searching for a place they can be themselves, let down the walls, and talk about the hard things. We are feeling more and more isolated in this world and in our current situation, we are seeing people all around us becoming more desperate for a real connection with someone that understands and hears them.

We were not meant to walk through life alone, yet it seems that’s exactly what is happening.

BummerSheep is an American style “Country Garage” designed to create a feeling of home and comfort. Whether you are just shopping or trying to find someone to talk to, we're here for you.

At BummerSheep you will find... Unconditional Love

We offer a variety of activities within BummerSheep to help make it easier for others to comfortably meet and connect with others.