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About BummerSheep & Whispering Z Farm

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Welcome to BummerSheep located at Whispering Z Farm. Recognizing the rise in mental health challenges and the toll of suicide, Jenjer and Gerco created Whispering Z Farm, taking a step to address this crisis. By offering areas within the Whispering Z Farm dedicated to mental health comfort, they extend an invitation to all who seek a reprieve from the rat race and a return to the essence of well-being.

BummerSheep is a place dedicated to providing support for individuals aged 25 to 65. A place to provide solace during the battle against burnout, those struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, areas of addiction and other emotional stressors we face each day.

BummerSheep is a quiet place amidst the chaos, a place designed to free you from the pressures of the digital age, demands from work, stressful relationships and other areas that may be weighing you down. BummerSheep is the refuge you have been looking for, a place where the stress of daily demands is replaced by moments of quiet, and where the stress of online media gives way to tranquility. Come and have a cup of coffee with us.

See our location and learn more about BummerSheep.

We have brochures with more information over each area available to take with you.

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