#BummerSheep Objective
Offering a warm place where you can go in time of need
Create a team, network and family that you can rely on at any time
Offer events & activities

Stimulate (personal) growth and development
Organize meetings for specific purposes and target groups
Stimulate personal contact (no-phone zone)
Reduce stigmatization around mental distress
Provide openness and direction on topics related to mental health

#BummerSheep Financial
All donations that are received to #BummerSheep will be returned to BummerSheep.

This can be in forms of materials, costs of the building, costs for events etc.
At the current time all employees work on a voluntary basis

#BummerSheep RSIN: 860542610


BummerSheep Board Members

Jenjer Overweg-Wright: Voorzitter / Chairwoman

Theo van Oijen: Penningmeester / Treasurer

Mirjam Companjen: Secretaris / Secretary


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