What is #BummerSheep?

#BummerSheep was created for one simple reason. To help others FIGHT to take their life back! At #BummerSheep you can come talk about ANYTHING! It's an open door to anyone searching.
...Is it an easy path? No, but answer me this. How are you right now? A change has to come right? Well, GET UP and take the first step!


Do you feel as though your words are not heard, that you're not being understood? Feel like you're fighting a battle all alone and no one is trying to help you find your way? Feel as though you will never come through the situation you are in now? The reasons go on and on....


Dude, I'm a BummerSheep!!! I'm not perfect nor do I claim to be. We are ALL broken in some way and the fact is, we all have a story.....

My name is Jenjer and I'm from Oklahoma in the USA. I have lived here in the Netherlands since 2004.

(Don't let my English scare you, I speak Dutch, it's just easier to bring my point over in my natural language)


Who am I? Well, the simplest way to put it is; I'm a country girl from the Mid-West ~ raised on a front porch ~ princess warrior daughter of God.
I don't have any fancy letters after my name, I'm not rich nor do I have expensive things. So, I guess by any worldly standard, I'm just a nobody.
However, the actual truth is, quite a few people in my world think I’m a lot weird (which is a great compliment) and they see me as a person who honestly does know what side is up in this upside-down world.


Honest Moment: I have a dark childhood and past. From a young age I have felt, as though, I had been left behind. I've often been told, either by words or actions, that I'm worthless and that I would never really amount to anything in this world.

By the time I was in my late teen years, I fully believed: I would never have more than a 2nd rate life because all that had happened to me.

Well, long story short, that was a LIE!! Dude, I'm not forgotten! I am loved, special and very VERY important!

Determined to change my stars, I have fought hard for the last twenty years to grab hold of a better life and escape my past. Now working forward for twenty+ years, I finally got to the other side! And now? Dude!!!! I'm so crazy happy in life.

Was it easy? Uuuhhh I already told you...NOPE! But it was totally WORTH it. How did I do it? I refused to GIVE UP!

This world WILL bring you to your knees, and if you don't know the way to fight back...It WILL end up breaking you, the same way it almost broke me!

We Are All Perfectly - ImPerfect!
You Are The Same Kind Of Different As Me.

Fact is: We all have pain, hurt, struggles, but there's also another Fact: ....We are not meant to go through this life alone!


#BummerSheep is an "American Country Style Lounge Garage". It's a place where you can dis-connect from the outside world, relax and go back to the year 1979.

No cell phone, no computers clicking all around you...just a peaceful place to rest, have fun and maybe even bust out a smile.

At #BummerSheep you will find... Unconditional Love.

I know it's hard to take that first step and reach out, but we are here....whenever you've finally had enough and REALLY want to make a LIFE change towards a better life...
Come hang out with the other BummerSheeps....We're waiting for you


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