In the current situation we are blessed to be able to work from home. However, sometimes you just need to get away.

While working from home has become the new normal. Kids and our pets are not always so understanding. We try to hide in a corner and quietly work on our meetings notes, or lock ourselves in the bedroom to join a zoom meeting, hoping no dog barks, or that little feet don't come walking into the room as you try to be as professional as possible.

Well, welcome to BummerSheep Work/Study area!!

We offer multiple sit areas at BummerSheep. You can schedule any of the areas by contacting us via Email or our Whatsapp number. Come alone or meet in small groups.

Available Days / Times
Monday to Thursday / 10:00am to 4:00pm

*By appointment booking only

*For current corona requirements. No more than TEN
people allowed in total by BummerSheep

Contact Us or come by for more information

#FJJCreations ~ JcKd UniKrn Designs are now at BummerSheep!!

Jenjer has been a jewelry designer since 2003, working to bring 'Awareness' jewelry to The Netherlands.

Most everyone knows that the PINK 'Awareness' ribbon is

for Breast Cancer. But did you know there is actually an

Awareness ribbon color for every sickness and health issue?

Colon Cancer = Dark Blue
Multiple Sclerosis = Orange
Suicide Prevention = Teal / Purple
Crohn's Disease = Dark Purple
Eating Disorder = Light Puprple
Mental Health = Light Green



Jenjer makes the jewelry on site, making it easy to adjust or custom make any design as you need.

Contact us for more information, or come by and talk to Jenjer personally at BummerSheep.

Want to know more about #FJJC JcKd UniKrn Designs?
Visit FJJCreations.com



Play pool? Like music? Like your music loud? Then BummerSheep jam night is the place for you!

We are all working hard but are we also making sure to play hard as well?
I get it, we are all a little stressed and during the current times it's even harder to find a way to relax.
But, you do have to find balance between work and play, it's important for your overall health.

Well, we have a full game area! Pool table- foosball - darts - card & chess playing area

Come chill for a little while and check out BummerSheep for yourself

Note from Jenjer:

I've played pool since I was a teen and I have always loved my music LOUD. I look forward to jam night!!! Come join us! Contact Us or come by for more information on the next upcoming jam night event.

Can you believe it!!

#BummerSheep is about to celebrate ONE YEAR!!

We opened in Ermelo - January 2020.

Welcomed by local businesses, BummerSheep was able to start networking together with others in the community. In a short amount of time we have been able to work together in helping others find their way back to the path.


And now it's time to celebrate!!

#BummerSheep invites you to our:

Saturday January the 23rd, 2021.

Book your place now - * As of now we have limited entry available due to current corona situation
Hopefully this is different by this date.

Offering free drinks and lunch food
Music - Games & Prizes

Silent auctions for helping others.

Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm



Sorry everyone... we had so many cool events coming this summer, but unfortunately our plans for events has come to a stop due to the current situation with the corona virus.


*We hope to be able to start rescheduling events in January 2021.

Current events on hold until rescheduling:

  • Daddy / Daughter Day

  • Drop & Go - Kids Night

  • Live Music Jam

  • Movie & Pizza Night

  • Speed Game - Meet & Greet

  • Game Night - Men's Meet and Greet

  • Chic Flick Night - Women's Meet and Greet

  • Pool & Dart Tournament

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