Everyone is welcome at BummerSheep. Our target group is from age 9 year to 90 years.

No matter your label - issue - or pain... We have people that understand.

We are not meant to walk through alone. Come meet the other BummerSheeps and join us on a path the change.

We offer coaching and support for:

Depression - self-harm - burnouts - marriage support - mental health - eating disorders - stress - anxiety - child abuse support - domestic violence - school or work stress - in-between therapy support

Who can come to BummerSheep?

How Does It Work

Well, that's the easy part. You simply come in, meet us and you decide what activity you are interested in.

You can also take our brochures home to review and then simply book online or contact us when you are ready.

Coaching and Activity costs

All groups and activities at BummerSheep are free of charge.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact Us

Sationsstraat 107b - 3851NC - Ermelo

Call Us +31 624 287027

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