Mission and Information

We are all Perfectly ... Imperfect.

We are here to be an example not a statement.

At BummerSheep you are accepted unconditionally!

You are the same kind of different as me.

#BummerSheep Mission

BummerSheep wants offers a warm place where you can go in time of need. Creating a team network and family that you can rely on at any time.
We offer events & activities to help stimulate (personal) growth and development.
We organize meetings for specific purposes and target groups.
During activities BummerSheep helps to stimulate personal contact by having 'no-phone zone during activities'.
Our goal is to help reduce stigmatization around talking about mental distress and provide openness and direction on topics related to emotionally health.

Image by Paolo Nicolello

#BummerSheep Financial

BummerSheep is ANBI certified and all donations that are received to #BummerSheep will be returned to BummerSheep.

This can be in forms of materials, costs of the building, costs for events etc.
At the current time all employees work on a voluntary basis.

#BummerSheep RSIN: 860542610

Jenjer Overweg-Wright: Voorzitter / Chairwoman

Theo van Oijen: Penningmeester / Treasurer

Mirjam Companjen: Secretaris / Secretary


The Original BummerSheep - Jen

From a young age I have felt, as though, I had been left behind. I've often been told, either by words or actions, that I'm worthless and that I would never really amount to anything in this world.
Well, long story short, that was a LIE!! Dude, I'm not forgotten! I am loved, special and very VERY important!


I'm a BummerSheep and proud of it!!! I'm not perfect nor do I claim to be. We are all broken in some way and the fact is, we all have a story.....

We are all Perfectly... Imperfect!