We are here to walk your path with you...

#BummerSheep is an American style “Country Garage” designed to create a feeling of home and safety. #BummerSheep started in a backyard garage at the home of Jenjer & Gerco Overweg back in 2017. Since this time, by showing unconditional love and friendship, multiple lives have been forever changed.

We are all broken in some way and when others realize that they really are not alone, things change within their outlook..

BummerSheep UniQ-Support Coaches

At #BummerSheep you are with others that are also going through something in life and need a friend, or they have come through pain and are here to help others find their way back to the path. Either way you will be around others that truly do understand. We don’t force you into any set direction, we are simply here to help you find your way. Many times, people need someone to just listen and be a friend.

Our Philosophy of Recovery

Life is a maze and that's a fact. It's getting more and more confusing with each passing day.

At #BummerSheep you will find others that 'understand' your pain and hurt because they've been there.

Recovery is a journey and we believe that if you don't have to face that journey alone. You are already on the right path to victory.

Commitment to Clients

We are here for you whenever you need us.

We have UniQ-Support Coaches on location daily at BummerSheep.

All of our UniQ-Support Coaches are available to you free of charge.

We are here to help you through your situation no matter what that may be.