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Your Life Belongs To You. Take It Back.

Our Approach

#BummerSheep UniQ-Support

Our approach is different from others. We are here to listen and offer our advice from personal understanding and experience. We have “UniQ-Support Coaches” on-site by BummerSheep. You can schedule meetings as often or as little as you need. Our services and programs are free of charge.

Our UniQ-Support Coaches are here for one reason and that is to help you fight to get your life back.


Are you in therapy at the moment? We offer help for the ‘in-between’ times that you have your therapy sessions. Many times, there is a large gap in-between therapy visits. You go once a week or maybe once every two weeks, but what about the no therapy days in-between? What about the times you’re spinning and nowhere to turn, realizing you still have five or maybe even ten days before your next therapy session?

We offer that help and support to get through until your next session.

Our Services & Programs

We offer multiple services at #BummerSheep

You are welcome to join as few or as many activities as you like.

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Group Talk

Life Support Groups
Meeting with others once a month

Individual Coaching

UniQ-Support Coaches

Available each week for meetings

Craft & Art Activities

Join a craft group

Activities offered each month

What is the cost to be at BummerSheep

All of our programs are offered free of charge. Activities are done at various prices.

The UniQ-Support Coaches at BummerSheep are here of their own time, all for one reason...

To help you find your way back to the path.

What will you find at BummerSheep

Unconditional Love and Full Acceptance

Finally, a place that listens and talks with you, not at you. "Coffee with Me" is my favorite. I feel comfortable there and the sphere is just the best! Some days are just so hard and even if I don't feel like talking, I know I'm always welcome at BummerSheep. Many times just being there turns my day around for the better.

No pressure at BummerSheep!!!
You can be yourself

Even on a down day, you can come and they will just treat you normal and hang with you. Never trying to say.. you should do this or you should do that. No, they listen and walk along with you. I really do love it at BummerSheep.

I remember never having the desire to smile, let alone laugh. Now I look forward to every day, some are not easy of course, but I know that I am not alone and I now have others around me who believe in me and help me get through.
I am accepted for who I am!

Location and Open Times



Stationsstraat 107b

3851NC - Ermelo

Open Days & Times:
Tuesday thru Thursday 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Friday 1:00pm to 5:00pm
You will find us in the alley next to the Intertoys

Tel: +31 624 287027