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Welcome to BummerSheep - a retreat amidst the chaos, a place designed to offer relief from the pressures of the outside world. BummerSheep is a place to relax and regain your calm. Work and emotional stressors in life have become an inescapable reality. BummerSheep is a place that offers simplicity, genuine human connections, and the enjoyment of nature.


In a society tethered to smartphones and daily demands that are sometimes unreachable, the need for a mental health retreat is paramount. BummerSheep is a place to provide solace during the battle of burnout, for those struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, areas of addiction and other emotional stressors we face in daily life. Come here for an afternoon to relax and recharge from life's daily stressors.


BummerSheep, nestled within this retreat at Whispering Z Farm is a place to come and relax.

Take a step back and find the peace you are searching for.


Come and have coffee with us, see the location and get more information over Whispering Z Farm.


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